14th Annual SWSGA Steel Guitar Show

January 12, 13 & 14, 2017  -  9am to midnight

Featuring -


Hilton Phoenix/Mesa

1011 West Holmes Avenue, Mesa, Arizona 85210-4923

We have negotiated a special room rate with the hotel - $119 + tax. This rate applies between January 11th and January 15th, 2017. After December 20th, the price will revert to normal rates, which will be significantly higher.

Hilton floor plan - ground level (PDF)


(subject to change) Sez Adamson, Chuck Back, Bill Bassett, Denny Beaver, Bobby Black, Bob Blair, Al Brisco, Jody Cameron, Jonathan Candler, Frank Carter, Bob Case, Doug Childress, Carco Clave, Jim Cohen, Bill Cunningham, Sharon Denny, Tommy Dodd, Skip Edwards, Mark Giles, Russ Hicks, Doug Jernigan, Fred Justice, Jacob King, Chuck Lettes, Doug Livingston, Jaydee Maness, Margie Mays, Johnny Oakley, Lynn Owsley, Steve Palousek, Ron Pruter, Ivan Reddington, Kevin Ryan, Rick Schmidt, Stu Schulman, Mike Sigler, Gary Sill, Mike Smith, Herb Steiner, Albert Talley, Larry Toliver, Travis Toy, Tim Wallis, Jan Wise, David Wright

Special appearances

Leona and Ron Williams

House Band

Our outstanding house band includes Chuck Back, Mark Abbott, Skip Edwards, Dan Range, Denny Sarver, and others.

Masters of Ceremony

Ray Harrison, Billy Easton, Ray Jenkins, and Darrell Bircher

Non-Pedal Session

There will be a Non-Pedal show from 1:00 to 5:00 pm Saturday, hosted by Chuck Lettes & Bob Blair.

Seminars - Kachina A Room

Kevin Ryan - Intermediate/Advanced E9
Friday, Jan. 13th, 9am to noon
Cost: $35
This seminar will be a little more on the advanced side, covering demystifying fast playing, learning the triplet feel, learning note clusters, and playing over minor changes in country and pop country music. Kevin will concentrate on improvement strategies; getting from point A to point B in your playing development. There will be something for everybody. You should bring your steel with some kind of headphone thing and a recording device of some sort. There will be handouts to work from, and all attendees will receive Kevin's latest book, "101 Hot and Sassy Steel licks Part II".
Late addition: Kevin will be joined in this seminar by Travis Toy, steel guitarist for Rascal Flatts.
Jody Cameron - C6 voicings on E9: Using the 9th String
Friday, January 13th, 1:00 to 5:00 pm
Cost: $35
This class was initially conceived to try and fill a gap for players who don't own a double neck guitar, yet still are intrigued by the sound of a C6 tuning. I have come up with a 4-part series of courses on this topic. This seminar will focus on the heart of the topic: Using the 9th string. We will focus on 5 different ways in which the 9th string can be employed. The natural side benefit of this is an expansion of chord vocabulary, and a new way to see the E9 tuning. The course includes a book and tab, plus discounts on my 4 DVD courses in the series.
Larry Toliver and Steve Palousek - E9 Pedal Steel
Saturday, January 14th, 9am to noon
Intermediate to Advanced
Cost: $35
Larry & Steve will focus on Midnight In Old Amarillo" and "Empty Glass" from their album, "Side by Side", and each will share a few of their favorite "Hot Licks". Includes Notebook with Tabs of Songs and Licks, and a CD with Tracks! Feel free to bring your camera or cell phone.
To register call Larry (325-518-3947) or Steve (254-383-0873)

To register in advance for these seminars, you can send a note and payment to PO Box 1129, Globe, AZ 85502. You can also register at the show.

$5.00 of each student's fee will go to support the SWSGA.

Ticket prices

Advance Purchase (must purchase by Jan 10):
Member - $60 for all 3 days
Non-member - $65.00 for all 3 days
At the door
$25.00 per day, $75.00 for all 3 days

Mail advance ticket payment to:
SWSGA, PO Box 1129
Globe, AZ   85502

Video Policy

There will not be any video recording of the show allowed. This will be announced, posted and strictly enforced.