2023 SWSGA Steel Guitar Show cancellation

Unfortunately, there will not be a SWSGA show in 2023. This was announced to the membership in an email on August 24th, 2022. Briefly summarizing from that mailing -

The decision was made for several reasons, but the two primary factors were:
  1. declining attendance, partly due to the lingering effects of Covid-19; and
  2. the steeply rising costs of hosting the show, and of attending the show.

The SWSGA did not have a show in 2021 due primarily to Covid-19. The show was held in 2022 but we had fewer players, and low attendance. We took a significant loss in 2022, and membership has continued to drop.

We hope that in another year, some of these problems will resolve and we find ourselves in a more 'normal' situation.

The SWSGA needs your help and support. If you have enjoyed the shows and fellowship over the years, please consider joining or renewing your membership.