Infinity Steel - 2015 auction item

Frank Carter of Infinity Steel Guitar has generously donated this SD10 pedal steel as a fundraiser item for the 2015 show. The pickup was donated by Dave Beaty of Telonics Pro Audio Division. Leg case and cover were donated by Tom Palmer of D2F Covers. A Texas Red Dirt road case was donated by Jason York of Red Dirt Cases.

Retail value $3900
Copedant - Typical emmons set up:
ABC pedals and 4th pedal lowers 5 & 10 a whole tone
Vertical lever lowers 5 & 10 a half tone
LKL - raises 4 & 8 a half tone
LKR - lowers 4 & 8 a half tone
RKR - lowers 2 a half and a full tone + lowers 9 a whole tone
RNL - raises 1 a full tone - 2 a half tone and 6 a whole tone and a half with the split.

POST-SHOW UPDATE: The Infinity Pedal Steel went to Maynard Mast of Glendale, AZ, with a winning bid of $3600.