9th Annual SWSGA Steel Guitar Show

January 19, 20 & 21, 2012

Sheraton Crescent Hotel

2620 W. Dunlap Ave, Phoenix  -  on the NE corner of I-17 & Dunlap Ave
Reservations: 602-943-8200 or 800-423-4126.

We have negotiated a special room rate with the hotel - $99 + tax. After January 9th, the rate jumps to $230 + tax per night. You must tell them that you are registering for the Southwestern Steel Guitar Association Annual Show to get the $99 rate. Remember to make your room reservations BEFORE January 9th, 2012.


International Steel Guitar Hall of Fame Members: Bobby Black, Russ Hicks, Bud Isaacs (along with his lovely and talented wife, Geri), Doug Jernigan, Jay Dee Maness, and DeWitt (Scotty) Scott

Chuck Back, Dennis Beaver, Terry Bethel, Rich Brennion, Jonathan Candler, Frank Carter, Bob Case, Carco Clave, Jim Cohen, Bill Cunningham, Sharon Denny, Tommy Dodd, Billy Easton, Jerry Fessenden, Merrill Fich, Jerry Foster, Mark Giles, Patrick Hickey, Ray Jenkins, Fred Justice, Chuck Lettes, Doug Livingston, Jim Loessburg, Margie Mays, Mike Mcgee, Kenny Morris, Tom Mossburg, Del Mullen, Jerry Newberry, Johnny Oakley, Steve Palousek, Gary Pribble, Rick Schmidt, Mike Sigler, Ron Sodos, Herb Steiner, Austin Stewart, Ronnie Symank, Albert Talley, Larry Toliver, Dan Tyack, Jan Wise, and David Wright

Non-Pedal Session

Bobby Black, Carco Clave, Sharon Denny, Billy Easton, Chris Kennison, Chuck Lettes, Doug Livingston, Margie Mays, Ivan Reddington, Dewitt (Scotty) Scott, and Dan Tyack

Performer lists are subject to change without notice as their professional schedules may dictate.


Our outstanding house band includes, Roy Rosetta, Dan Range, Paul Polish, Chuck Back, Denny Sarver plus several others including Ray Harrison, Bill Cunningham, Ray Harrison, Pete Freiberger, Russ Hicks, Doug Livingston, Carco Clave, and many more.

While all this is going on, we will be having four teaching seminars: Doug Jernigan will be teaching Intermediate to Advanced players while Denny Beaver will be doing the beginner's class. Big Jim Baron will be providing a Band-In-A-Box class and Chuck Lettes will be conducting a non-pedal seminar and concert. Couple all this with the many raffle drawings, 50/50 cash drawings, equipment, merchandise, and peripheral drawings, many vendor displays and impromptu jams, it makes this the big event that you have come to expect from the SWSGA.

Raffle items galore!

Again this year, the ladies have made a gorgeous one of a kind steel guitar quilt that some lucky person will be taking home.

Other Raffle items:

Tickets for all the raffle items are $5 ea, or 5 for $20. You do not have to be present to win, so if you can't be at the show send your ticket money to:

SWSGA, Attn: Raffle
P.O. Box 1129
Globe, AZ   85502

please specify raffle item(s)

Ticket prices

Thursday: $20
Friday or Saturday: $25
3-day Advance Purchase (must purchase by Jan 14th): SWSGA Members $55; Non-members $60

Mail advance ticket payment to:
SWSGA, PO Box 1129
Globe, AZ   85502

New Video Policy

There will not be any video recording of the show allowed. This will be announced, posted and strictly enforced this year.


Beginners E-9th
Thursday 8:30A to Noon - Crescent III (2nd Level)
Instructor: Den Beaver
To reserve: 602.686.1273, depebeav@q.com
This is a 3-1/2 hour class that will lightly cover several areas of information as it relates to the beginner steel guitarist. Items that I hope to cover in the time allowed include: instrument and equipment options; signal attenuation via volume/reverb/delays/effects; tuning; some E-9 copedent variations; basic music theory, scales, and chord note makeup; progression of scales and chords as dexterity and speed exercises, then application as integral parts of a song; playing "in and out of the box"; Nashville charting exercise; PSG tablature writing & reading exercise; equipment and tone settings for a particular sound; knowing when "less is more" while playing with a band; and, practice regimen. Please bring a music stand, your guitar, amp, or practice apparatus with headphones (I will have a few extra practice amps with me). If you don't have equipment with you this seminar would still be of benefit to you, so register today! The fee for this class is $35 which includes a class booklet, note-taking paper, and some tablature paper. If you're just starting out on the steel this class is for you!
Intermediate to Advanced E9/C6
Friday 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM - Crescent III (2nd Level)
Instructor: Doug Jernigan
To reserve: 602.686.1273, depebeav@q.com
This is a four to five hour class. I will be covering scales (major, minor, whole tone, and diminished) and the forward roll and how to use it. Most of the class will be on the E9th tuning. The last hour I will be teaching the C6 tuning. I will be covering the roots of the tuning and how the pedals relate to the roots of the C6 tuning. The major, minor, whole tone and diminished scales. I will cover basic Blues changes and how the scale pockets are played over chord changes. Please bring your steel, Pac-a-seat, stereo head phones, music stand and a black felt-tip pen for taking notes. I will provide a tab book and CD for each student.
Saturday 9:30 AM - Crescent III (2nd Level)
Instructor: Chuck Lettes
To reserve: 303.797.1134, clettes@comcast.net
I'm looking forward to presenting my Lap Steel Seminar at 9:30 on Saturday, Jan 21st, at the SWSGA's show in Phoenix. My two hour seminar will focus on some songs and exercises. Using mostly four strings of a C6th tuning, I will introduce some chords and their various positions, a method to develop your ears to hear melody to play a variety of songs. I will illustrate this skill with some traditional songs and some exercises to help you develop your own technique and style. I also will discuss bar technique and some techniques to develop steel guitar smoothness. I plan to gear the material to players of all levels. In addition, to help make the experience more productive, I will provide you with the music and steel guitar tablature, and also with a CD that is filled with the material that we will discuss. Included on the CD are the rhythm tracks and the steel guitar blended with the rhythm tracks. That way you can leisurely take notes, knowing that the material will be waiting for you to practice when you get home. No amps (unless for headphones), but bring your steel, a music stand, and your love for the lap steel. Please let me know if you plan to attend. You can prepay the $40 and be guaranteed to have my CD/ tab at the seminar. Hope to see you in sunny Phoenix!
Saturday 8:30 AM - Boardroom (1st Level)
Instructor: Jim Baron
To reserve: 559.645.0597, bigjim4b@sbcglobal.net
Class starts 8:30 Saturday morning and will go about two hours. We will be covering the basic use of Band-in-a-Box. While I will have an outline to kind of follow, the main thing will be answering questions and demonstrating how to make it work. I'll have a projector set up so you can visually follow what I'm doing as I'm talking about the process that I'm doing. I look forward to seeing each of you at the show, and hope that you can take in this free BIAB session.